20/20 Prospecting Report

How to start searching your gold site for clues

Once you have completed your off-site research for a good gold prospecting location, it’s time to start doing the field work of the “gold site survey.”

You are looking for clues about where gold concentrates and which areas you will begin to sample for the amount of gold present. Resist the temptation to just dive in and dig all over.

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This training material will get you started plotting out the best places to start sampling so you won’t waste time, effort and money when a simple key site observation would have saved you all that hassle.

Time to start looking closely at your site for where gold is hiding. Go through this material and watch for the visible site clues to look for that water flow and geology give you.

This is all about how to look at a creek to understand where water has moved gold. That understanding gives you insight into where the gold actually is hiding now (even in the desert).