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Sometimes technology stuff happens…

Here’s a little help for some common technical issues that users have reported.

Note: This page includes some tips for solving common access issues with the site:
Feel free to comment or email any access questions or tips you may have too. – Help FAQ’s:

Q0: How do I find my member area access codes and instructions?
(AKA. “I cant find my …”)
A0: When you purchase access to reports, videos or club memberships you will be sent the access instructions by email. Make sure your email on record is a good one to send important information to. If you don’t see that “Access” message, wait about 15min and check again (see Q&A1 below). Make sure to look in the spam folder too. If needed contact us (see ‘Q Contact’ info below.)

Q1: Why won’t the login password work?
A1: Check you email “in box” for the following email subject line Your Hunting4Gold – Members access information’ – Keep this’ email handy it will contain your User name = registered email and password.

Q2: My PDF won’t quite download or gives problems with viewing, what can I do?
A2: Try to hover your mouse over the download link and click you “right” mouse button, then select “save link as” to save the PDF to your disk. Then open the saved file with Adobe PDF reader.

Q3: My PDF still won’t view properly, now what?
A3: Make sure you have downloaded or re-installed the latest Adobe PDF reader from here. Follow the steps.

Q4: I can’t view the videos. What should I do?
A4: Make sure you can view .mp4 video files with your browser. Some ad blockers may interfere with the video player used.

Q5: How do I find my login password?
A5: If you have registered for access to reports or videos, simply click the “Lost Your Password” on the login¬†menu above. Enter your email to get the password re-sent to you.¬† Sometimes the registered email address won’t work, for example a typing error in the address such as instead of This will also mean your login information cannot be sent to you. To fix this issue use the contact given below and provide the name and valid email as used on your registration or order form.

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