The New Prospectors DVD Library

Dear Bonanza Club Subscriber,

I want to thank you for being a part of the Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club. I am excited about how many members have joined the Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club, and I appreciate all the feedback I have received from all of you.

The Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club was founded because I wanted to address the needs of fellow gold prospectors and help them in their journey to find gold.

It is a real privilege to help so many prospectors find their first few flakes of gold. I really get excited by the pictures fellow prospectors have sent showing the gold they found because of my training.

Picture provided by gold prospector Andrew Smith

My goal is to help even more gold prospectors see gold in their pan, and show experienced prospectors how to find more gold faster.

The best way I can help you and other fellow gold prospectors find more gold faster is by providing you with knowledge and in-the-field experience.

Exclusive - For Bonanza Club Members

As a Hunting4Gold Bonanza Club member you have access to many of my online gold prospecting training videos and reports that help you in your search for gold.

Since you are a valued member of the Bonanza Club I want to let you know about a special deal we are offering to Bonanza Club members only.

Some Bonanza Club members have expressed they would like to have a prospecting DVD library they can reference and take to the field.

Because of these requests I would like to offer you a special opportunity to upgrade your membership to include the Prospectors DVD LIbrary.

You get everything already included in your Bonanza Club membership, plus a DVD shipped to your door each month at a fraction of the usual price.

Access Hours Of Gold Prospecting Training

Each DVD is packed with gold finding info you can use next time you are out in the field.

Here is what Bonanza Club Members get when they upgrade to the Prospectors DVD Library:

  • A new DVD each month, packed full gold prospecting training
  • Each DVD contains about an hour of content
  • Expert interviews and with industry leaders such as Pat Keene from Keene Engineering, Chuck Smally from S/W Shooters and detectors, and more
  • Many of the DVDs include Q&A sessions where I answer important gold prospecting questions

These DVDs cover a wide range of information. You will learn about desert and platinum prospecting, metal detecting, stream and river analysis, geology, hydrology, and more.

And as a bonus for your first month, I am including Rock ID Part 1 and 2 as your first month's DVDs.

You won't pay a single penny more for the bonus DVD as my welcome gift to you. You will be able to watch all 5 ways to identify rocks and minerals covered in these 2 DVDs.

Now Over 60% Off Retail Price

The Prospectors DVD Library is a convenient way to build up your Hunting4Gold DVD library gradually.

When you upgrade from the $17 to $37 Bonanza Club subscription, you get everything regularly included as well as a monthly gold prospecting DVD.

With this exclusive offer, you can get one of my DVDs shipped to your door for only $20 per month as an additional upgrade to your current Bonanza Club membership.

That's over 60% off retail price, which I think we can both agree is a steal for those who choose to accept this offer.

That comes out to less than a dollar a day for each DVD. This way you are investing in your gold prospecting library at an affordable pace.

You can switch back to your standard Bonanza Club membership at any time, if you should choose to do so. Just let me know.

Add the Prospectors DVD Library to your current Bonanza Club membership and your total monthly fee will only be $37/month.

The price per DVD you see on this page is the lowest I offer anywhere.

The 60% off monthly DVD discount is only available from this page.

My "Double" You'll Love
It Guarantee

#1. If for any reason you don't find more gold when you take what I teach and apply it in the field, I will refund your money within 30 days of purchasing. No questions asked.

#2. If you actually DO what I recommend for you to do in the system and your results aren’t great, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money.

All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

How is that for fair?

I have fully guaranteed this gold prospecting system so the risk is all on me.

These gold prospecting DVDs are truly eye opening so act now and avoid the pain of coming home from a weekend of gold prospecting with little to nothing to show for all your hard work.

Want to improve your odds of finding gold right now? Getting started is as easy as clicking the orange Add to Cart button below.

To Upgrade Your Membership Now
Click The Orange Add To Cart Button:

Only $37/month - 30 day money back guarantee

By upgrading to the Prospectors DVD Library you will get:

  • One DVD shipped to your door every month
  • A bonus DVD as part of your first month
  • Free shipping on each monthly DVD, for domestic and international subscribers.
  • 60% off retail DVD prices

If you have purchased DVDs from me in the past, rest assured you won't receive duplicate copies. I'll make sure you get a unique DVD each month.