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If you want to make the most important gold prospecting discovery you've ever made, ask yourself this: Do you know the value of a good gold prospecting group, but are tired of groups and clubs that only talk, drink and complain?

Are you the "Get It Done" type of prospector and live to see that golden glow in your pan? If you are struggling to find a place where you fit in, and want to be part of something bigger, then I have something I'd like to share with you.

You Don't Have To Go It Alone

There's nothing worse than "Going it alone", especially when you don't have to. It can get pretty lonely out there in the gold fields, and gold prospecting is much more enjoyable when you are out with good friends. It is a lot more fun and productive when you can share knowledge and experience among other like-minded gold hunters.

That's why I want to introduce you to the Gold Prospector's Bonanza Club. Take a look at what the "Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club" (GPBC) has in store for you:

  • Live Online Training Events

Each of these training sessions are recorded for Bonanza Club members so you can always watch later.

  • Over Six Hours Of Bonus Video Training Footage

You get over 6 hours of bonus video prospecting training content to boost your knowledge quickly.

Members often tell me how valuable they find this video training to be, and it makes for great discussion material in the Gold Digger's Underground Facebook Group as well. We've previously sold these sessions for over $200, and you won't find them at this affordable a price anywhere else.

  • Gold Prospecting Facebook Groups

The Gold Diggers Underground group (GDU) is a place to introduce yourself to other kindred prospectors and a sharing community, where we learn to prospect through the experience of others.

The Gold Prospector's Trading Post group (GPT) is where you can share & trade gold stuff in an exclusive environment.

There are gold prospecting clubs that charge $10 and up each month to be a group member, but the GDU group is included when you join the Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club today.

  • Exclusive Email Newsletter Content

GDU News you can use: You will get reports sent to your email in-box to compliment what's happening in the Gold Prospector's Bonanza Club each month.

I have made this as low priced as possible...

To make it as simple as possible for you to decide if this offer is right for you, I have a time sensitive special offer for you with a risk free guarantee, so you can see first hand if the Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club is right for you.

Join us today and try out the Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club for a full 14 days for free.

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Consider the real world value of this offer...

Let's add up the real world value of all this: 37$/month value for the online trainings, 10$/month for the GDU club membership, $3.95/month for the GDU Newsletter, and $5/month for the Prospectors Trading Post.

Now add the six hour bonus gold prospecting training sessions worth over $200 and your first month's club access alone is well over $255.95 in value.

However, you don't have to pay that much. Not even close. I know the economy is tough, and even though you will get a lot more than $255.95 per month in value, I want to make you an offer that is genuinely fair.

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